Satoshi Tachibana Biography

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Chief Consultant of ERIS Consulting, Philosophy Researcher
Ph.D. in Law, EMBA.
Member of Japan Society of Human Resource Management, and, Japan Scholarly Association For Asian Management.
Columnist for World Economic Review IMPACT, WEDGE, etc, major Japanese journal, executive web media and magazines.

Mr. Tachibana was employed by TOSTEM Corporation (now: LIXIL) in Tokyo after graduating from Waseda University, Japan. He then joined the UK’s Reuters and served as China & East Asia Regional Japanese Corporate Market Manager, based in Shanghai and Hong Kong from 1994 to 2000. He founded ERIS Consulting after his resignation from Reuters in 2000, working as the Chief Consultant until now.

He received an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in 2007; a LL.M (Master of Laws) degree from Fudan University Law School in 2008, and; a Ph.D. in Law degree from East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPSL) in 2013.

He has given lectures of over 1,500 hours since 2007, with 13,000+ participants in total and more than 120 managers of Japanese companies.

His research field covers labor law, human resources and organizational behavior, management strategy, international comparative management, and, philosophy.

He has written many books “The Future of Working Starting with WHY” (Published by Wedge), “Japan and Taiwan Strait Crisis” (Co-authors, published by Hojosha), “Practice Insights of China Labor Contract Law” (Co-authors, published by Chuokeizaisha), etc.

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