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 ● 経営戦略・政策の立案、マレーシアにおける人事労務制度と管理実務支援
 ● 時事時局分析・経営・人事労務関連情報の配信(マレーシア経営・人事労務レポート
 ● 企業経営・人事労務セミナー・研修会の開催と講師派遣
 ● 輸出入業務・マレーシアとASEANにおけるマーケティング・販路開拓
 ● 海外事業のリスク・危機管理、広報、人権監査対応支援

Business Scope in Malaysia

 ● Planning of management strategies and policies; support for HR systems and management practices in Malaysia.
 ● Providing reports on management and HR information(Malaysia Management & HR Report).
 ● Organisation of seminars and training on management and HR related, dispatch of lecturers.
 ● Import-export business, marketing and sales channel development in Malaysia and ASEAN.
 ● Providing support for overseas business risk and crisis management, public relations, and human rights due diligence response.

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